Printer warranty - what does it depend on?

The printer warranty usually lasts until the end of the factory-specified period if original inks are used. When using alternative inks, the warranty for parts that are part of the ink system (eg printheads, pumps, capping station, etc.) is immediately void. There have also been cases where poor quality ink has caused major problems with electronics. If the wrong ink is found to be the cause, the parts will not be covered by the warranty. The original ink is in an airtight container and has a special construction to ensure an even flow throughout the volume. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of filling systems. In addition, printers last longer than using inks designed specifically for the machine. The warranty may be extended by agreement or in addition to the care pack purchased. We make a more detailed offer depending on the make and model of the printer.

How fast is our Support?

Our support team is FAST. Actual response speed depends on some factors:

  • terms of service agreement
  • location
  • type of problem

Easier issues can normally be solved over phone or Team Viewer. If that is not possible our engineers will visit you as soon as possible.

How much does printing cost?

We are constantly hearing this question. And the answer is – it depends. It depends on a lot of factors:

  • type of ink (solvent, UV, dye-sublimation, water based, reactive)
  • print head type and specification
  • RIP program and profile
  • what kind of jobs (dark, light)
  • media (absorbing a lot or stays more on the surface)

There is no straight answer. We do not use calculations provided by factories as they are theoretical and do not offer real life value. We collect information for each machine and ink type from actual users and we use minimum 10,000m2 volume to have results less dependant on some bigger job.

We are able to provide information for most printers and ink we sell so please just get in touch.

How to reach our Support Team?

With each purchased equipment You will get contact to directly responsible engineer with all the necessary contact information. Should he be unavailable our other engineers and Support Center are ready to help You. We have the biggest Support Team in the region so we will have a solution for You.

Are our engineers trained well?

Our suppliers always demand that our engineers are able to offer high level service. To assure this all our engineers are trained by our suppliers, usually in their training centres. This means that for any equipment You buy from us You will get the best possible support. Our engineers all have years of experience with the equipment we sell. For this reason we stick with our suppliers for long period. Nothing beats experience and experience only comes with time.